Ulrich Desselberger


Short bio:

After studying medicine in Germany (Frankfurt/Main, Marburg, Berlin) and France (Paris) and completing a M.D. thesis in Berlin (Free University, 1967), I trained as a virologist at Hannover Medical School (Germany) (Dr Joachim Drescher) and gained academic qualification by habilitation in 1976 with a thesis on influenza viruses. After further research on influenza viruses at Mt Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY, USA (Dr Peter Palese, 1977-1979), I was appointed Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK (1980-86), where I started rotavirus research. In 1987 I moved to Birmingham, U.K., as Consultant Virologist and Director of the Regional Virus Laboratory. Since 1990 I served as Consultant Virologist and Director of the Clinical Microbiology and Public Health Laboratory, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK (1990-2002). After retiring from this post, I continued carrying out rotavirus research in laboratories in France (Dr J Cohen, 2002-2004), Italy (Dr O Burrone, 2005-2006), and in Cambridge (at the Department of Medicine since 2007; Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow since 2014).


Recent Publications:

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