Judith Koch


Dr. Judith Koch studied medicine at the Free University (FU) of Berlin (FU) and at the Christian Albrechts-University (CAU) of Kiel in Germany. Since 2002 she has been employed as an epidemiologist at the department for infectious disease epidemiology of the RKI, the central Federal Public Health Institution of Germany.

Since 2010 she is working in the immunization unit of the department for infectious disease epidemiology. Her responsibilities include the surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases, planning and implementation of research projects in the field of vaccination and outbreak investigations. As a member of the executive secretariat of the German Standing Committee of vaccination (STIKO) that is affiliated to the department, she is involved in the development of evidence-based vaccine recommendations. She was involved in the collation of evidence and formulation of the rotavirus vaccination recommendations of infants, which was adopted in the summer 2013. In the past she conducted a research project on vaccine effectiveness of rotavirus and worked on a systematic review on the risk of intussusception after RV vaccination. The evaluation of the impact of the rotavirus vaccine recommendation in Germany was performed during the last year.