Alexei Ceban


Alexei Ceban – epidemiologist at surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases department, National Agency for Public Health from Republic of Moldova.

During working period was involved in surveillance and outbreak investigation of public health event under International Health Regulation, focusing more on vaccine-preventable diseases.

Contributed to development and implementation of National immunization communication strategy for behaviour change 2017-2020, also contributed to implementation of HPV vaccine in Republic of Moldova.

In the same time was actively involved in research field, assessed measles and rubella epidemiological surveillance system and analysis of target infections of the National Immunization Program, including rotavirus infection.

Graduated fellow of MediPIET (Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training), second cohort from 2015-2017.

Rotavirus vaccine implementation in Moldova.

Intro: In 2012 rotavirus vaccine was implemented in National Immunization Programme. The Republic of Moldova was the first low- to middle-income country in the World Health Organization European Region to introduce rotavirus vaccine.

In country were developed several studies on evaluation of the post-introduction rotavirus vaccine impact and was estimated the vaccine effectivness.

Also, will discuss on experience, success and chalanges for rotavirus immunization in Republic of Moldova.